"Your prospects crave three stories. Tell them."

-Mike Ulmer, CEO
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Catapult | Why Storytelling?

Your Personality Story.

Prospects will like you when your stories show your empathy and understanding. We all want to do business with people who are like us. Make a subconscious connection with your personality story, you make it impossible NOT to like you.

Catapult | Catapult Process

Your Proof

Prospects will trust you when your stories show your expertise and experience. When you make a subconscious connection with your proof story, you make it impossible NOT to trust you..

Catapult | Pricing

Your Purpose

Prospects will want to buy exclusively from when  your stories show your purpose. When you make a subconscious connection with your purpose story, you show a commitment to great work.


At Catapult, every piece of content flows from the client's unique story and value proposition.

What sets us apart? The ability to elicit the client's story while enthusing them with the idea of telling it.


Mike Ulmer is the best interviewer and storyteller I have ever met.“

Ron Foxcroft
Fox40 Whistle Inventor
CEO Fluke Transport

Mike has a unique gift that allows him to work in an elegant, engaging manner that makes the subject feel safe and heard and the audience feel engaged and involved.”

Dave Hopkinson
Global Head of Partnerships
Real Madrid Football Club

Mike’s depth of curiosity and reporting skills make him the perfect interviewer.“

Jane Allison
Dovetail Community

Mike knows how to make a story come to life so that the world pays attention.”

Mark Brender
National Director
Partners in Heath Canada

Mike’s storytelling stems from his ability to get into the heart of who you are. Funny but honest, tough but real, Ulmer is one of a kind.

Kristen Novak
Wild Public Relations, Calgary

Mike asks great questions that put the subject at ease. He’s a great storyteller who helps the person he is speaking with feel confident in themselves.”

Wendel Clark
Businessman and Toronto Maple Leafs Icon

Mike is a fantastic communicator and storyteller who truly
understands how to leverage the impact writing can have.

Matt Coyle
Executive Creative Director

Michael certainly has exceeded all our expectations.”

Cecilia Ulmer

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