Easy to create, impossible to put down: change your life and your business with a book.

Imagine creating our 15,000-20,000 word book, beautifully laid out with a spectacular cover, uploaded to Amazon and ready for sale…without your hands ever touching the keyboard.

Your words, your ideas …without the writing.

Your book works for you 24/7. It’s your differentiator, your ticket to speaking and media gigs, the hub for your social media and a source of countles blogs. 

Your book is your storehouse of content. Imagine never having to write a blog. Ever.

It takes you three or four hours of interviewing and a few more hours to approve every word.

That’s it.

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You really can judge a book by its cover.

Our experienced designers create stunning books to complement the professionalism of your service. We handle everything from page-layout to design elements and our trademark Catapult Timeline.

Meet Mike Ulmer

Mike Ulmer has created, in Catapult, a company that reflects his belief that great business books are great books…period. After 25 years in journalism and 15 books, Mike learns something new every day about the three essential skills of the writer: how to ask the right question, how to listen for the right answer and how to find the right words.

Meet Mike Ulmer

Mike Ulmer is a writer who worked for the Woodstock Sentinel-Review, The Hamilton Spectator, The Hockey News, and more for a total of 25 years, including 7 years as a sports columnist. He’s also the author of 15 books! 
Mike is the founder of Catapult. Listen to Mike discuss why you need your book written on the Merged Marketing Podcast.

The Catapult Difference

Our team of highly experienced writers interview you and help you organize your thoughts around an irresistible central proposition. Then we write and lay out the book and fill it with compelling research, sidebars and graphics.

Finally, we pour over it again and again to make sure it is precisely what you need to sell more, gain more time or create a business you can pass along to your kids.

Three Pillars.


As unique as your fingerprint, your story is the one element your competitor can’t replicate or steal. Our job is to help you sort through your experiences and conclusions to help you find the trust point stories that will ignite your prospect’s confidence...in you. Price becomes far less significant when story leads a customer to a vendor they like and trust. And when you are the only person in your sector telling your story, yours is the only story that counts.

Finding Your Hook.

Once we know your story inside and out, we start digging for what makes your service unique. What we are looking for is The Hook, that irresistible idea that makes a good book impossible to put down. Don’t worry if you don’t know your hook, our job is to help you find it and in so doing, give you the one story you need to tell every day for the rest of the life of your business.

Keep hands off that keyboard!

Writing is hard, even for the pros. That’s why all you need to is talk about what you know best. While you attend to your business, we take our recorded conversations and shape them into themes, chapters, sidebars. Then we subject the manuscript to three separate edits. Next comes three choices for your cover. The result is a killer book, posted on Amazon. All you need to is exercise your autographing hand. We don’t want any injuries out there.


Kindle Edition

The five most frequently asked questions.

We provide a spectacular book, interviews, copy edit, proofreading, killer cover, table of contents, timeline, pictures, starting at $1 a word.  We even post it to Amazon for you.

We recommend between 125 and 200 pages. The final length depends on so many variables: type size, reading lists, margins, photos.

Depending on your interviewing availability and the length of the book, we will return your finished work in 60 to 90 days. Even less for rush jobs.

Of course. There are many advantages to e-books. Many of your customers will prefer to read on their phones or tablets. Since the book isn’t being judged on its heft and there are no printing costs, e-books are less expensive and carry the same cachet as a print book.

If you like, Amazon will make your book available, print and deliver it. But while that system is certainly easy, it’s not a great fit for someone who needs a lot of books for learning sessions or meetings. We use our own printer to give you the best results at the best price for custom orders.

What people are saying about Catapult Books.

“For years people have been telling to write a book but I never had time. This book took me the equivalent of one business day and the compliments the book has received…unbelievable. So glad I did this. Superb service.”

-Ron Foxcroft, member of the Order of Canada, inventor FOX 40 whistle, owner Fluke Transport, author of The 40 Ways Of The Fox.

“Prepare for an incredible experience. They tell you the book you think you are going to write is never the book you end up writing and it’s so true. I expected a great book. What I could not foresee was the power of circling back on my story and understanding its power as well as the depth of the research and understanding the writer brought to the project.”

-Michael Hynes, business coach, author of The Myth-Guided Mind: Unleash Your God-Given Genius At Work And At Home.

“I thought I knew my story but when you share it, and someone who knows what they are doing is asking you questions and helping you along, you end up with a fabulous experience and a dynamite book. I would recommend Catapult in a heartbeat.
-Jason Hunt, Co-Founder, Merged Media. Author of Nearly, Almost Famous.