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As Mark Twain would have said: "Everyone talks about content but no one does anything about it."
Catapult I Catapult Story

How to Whitelabel Catapult content

Agencies are great at positioning digital assets but developing  content demands a ton of of experience and technical expertise.

Catapult Whitelabelling boosts your bottom line and ends your search for the difference-making creative your great clients want.

We can continue to evolve the brand stories you have already developed or help you revive an account with a fresh narrative.

Catapult I Digital Content

The Catapult Advantage: Our stories are built on Three pillars.

1. The vendor’s particular financial, time or convenience advantage. All advantages are, in the end, emotional advantages.
2. Detailing the evolution of that system.
3. Speaking to the evolution of the vendor into a leader in his or her category.

Vendor On-Camera Content

Our storytellers use 4k video cameras and Zoom digital sound technology to record the your client. Thanks to our pre-interview and editing expertise, we can create a
year’s worth of online content (12 blogs, 25 short  on-camera videos) from two hours of client interviews.

Branding Videos

We use curated footage to make content that powerfully relays a brand message at one tenth the cost of a full video production. Remember, if your client is the only business telling their story in their category, their story is the only one that matters. 

Why not write the ‘Book of You.'

Writing a book is a slow, laborious process - unless you work with a professional interviewer who will bring out the important elements, sharpen the copy, weed out errors and help you present a spectacular online or printed book. Wow your prospects with a book they can use to gain trust and traction in a crowded sector.

View Sample Book

Delight your clients with Custom Podcasts.

Our storytellers will interview the client. Our technicians will produce the podcast and blend in music and voiceover introductions.
All that’s left is for our graphic artist to render a great podcast badge for a full podcast package.

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