The Catapult Process & FAQs

How this whole thing works.
Catapult I Catapult Process

The Catapult Process

First, we find what makes your business exeptional - what you do better than anyone else.

We need to dig a little to find that kernel but all your content flows from (and reinforces) that bit of truth.
That's OUR unique property. We maximize value because every piece of content we produce speaks to what distinguishes your business.

Then we capture your content by interviewing you on video. That video becomes the basis for all kinds of content: social media collateral: videos of various length, podcasts, blogs, even books and recruitment material.
All you have to do is talk about what you know best, your business, for a couple of hours to create a year's worth of content.

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Catapult I Catapult FAQS


How long will it take me to be interviewed?
Not long. With our remote service, you can record three videos in 15 minutes.
Do you do it in person?
We interview both online and in person.
Who cares about my life story?
People care about how your life story relates to them. If your
story inspired you to provide something that benefits the
listener, they will take note. They are looking for evidence of your value.  Story gives that evidence.

What happens if I have nothing to say?
We have interviewed famous people, ordinary people, smart people, kids, adults, politicians, athletes, starlets, coaches, agents, blind gymnasts, cops, lawyers, criminals; if you have nothing to say, you will be the first.

How do I pay?
We ask for a 50 per cent deposit on the content and then the balance upon delivery.

Do you Whitelabel to marketing companies?
Absolutely. We're glad to work with marketing companies who need to fill a special content need for a client.

How long between when I sign up and when I see my first content?
We shoot for a month. The biggest determinant is the
availability of the client for interviews .

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You have questions. Perfect. We have answers.

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