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I'd love to be able to tell you there was always this great plan.
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How a former journalist found a home in business.

I tell everyone I am the accidental businessperson.
Being in media and writing books was a great gig. I saw some large swaths of the world and met people who were the best on the planet at what they did.

Here's my dirty secret.. I found plumbers and accountants every bit as interesting as Michael Jordan, Serena Williams and Wayne Gretzky. Often more so.

When a friend suggested I attend a business networking event, I found forty people who didn't need a writer but did need a way to separate themseleves from their competition.

I fell in love with business and founded Catapult to help companies thrive through great content and the power of storytelling.

I've gone from the best job in the world to the best job in the world until I found a home, finally...doing the best job in the world.
- Mike Ulmer

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