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Catapult I Chief Content Creator


Chief Content Creator and Grand Poobah.

Catapult I Mike Ulmer

Journalism has taken Mike around the world and into the lives of countless subjects.
His book, M is for Maple, is the bestselling alphabet book in Canadian publishing history. A longtime hockey writer, Mike favors the Toronto Maple Leafs.
He lives in Dundas, Ontario.

Catapult I Video and Audio Engineer

Kyle MacKinnon

Video and Audio Engineer

Catapult I Kyle Mackinnon

Kyle is a graduate of the Journalism Program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario and has extensive experience on both sides of the microphone.
Kyle, himself a onetime sportswriter, loathes the Toronto Maple Leafs and loves the Montreal Canadiens.


Design Guru

Catapult I Lisa Cowey

A Graphic/Website Designer, with diverse skills in branding, logo design, graphic and website design. Lisa has a diploma in graphic design and advertising from Conestoga College and 15 years experience. She has with some of the leading national Canadian brands such as Royal Bank of Canada, Loblaws, President Choice and Canadian Tire. Lisa enjoys turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and engaging designs.

SHane Juniper

Web Visionary

Catapult I Shane Juniper

A graduate of Mohawk College in software development, with years of website development experience, Shane loves nothing more then to work with technology in all forms. To improve his skills, Shane spent a year doing Quality Assurance to increase his understanding of the entire scope of a project. Teaming up with Lisa, an established graphic designer, seemed like the perfect marriage of design and function.

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