Discover why your story is your greatest asset.

$1,000 Find your Brand For a Grand™

Your story is the one differentiator your competitors can’t steal. Why you do what you do and how you do it are the three critical questions in a buyer’s mind. Answer them.

Deep-dive interview featuring the ‘Only Questions That Matter,™ Business Questionnaire.

Summary of your brand’s backstory, mission and point of differentiation.

60-second branding video to showcase your story and expertise.

Blog explaining your ‘why’ to clients and prospects.

$5,000 – Baseline Content Kit

12 pieces of killer content.
Enter the world of content creation with this starter pack of studio quality video interviews, blogs and evergreen branding you can share, well…forever.

Tell prospects what’s great about your company through interviews that capture your brand story and points of differentiation.

Fire up your social media accounts with seven 45-90 second interview videos on your brand, your backstory the evolution of your business practices.

Win fence-sitters over with three-400 word blogs for LinkedIn and your website.

Cap off your content flow with two evergreen branding videos.

$16,500 multimedia podcast package.

Rock the Internet
With fifty-two pieces of content and your own digital book, we’ll bring the world to your website and make you a published author to boot.

Broadcast quality studio interviews to show the world what makes your brand great.

Twelve engineered 12-15 minute audio podcasts to establish your brand expertise.

Tell your success stories with a dozen broadcast-quality videos to start your social media spinning.

One digital book to recruit e-mails and build your fan base.

Twelve 15-second promotional videos to draw a new network of fans to your podcasts.

Bowl your prospects over with three-evergreen brand videos.

Finally, use the power of the written word with 12 blogs to keep your blogs and website vibrant and evolving.

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