Why Storytelling?

When you're the only person in your category telling a story, yours is the only story that counts.
Catapult I Why Storytelling?

How Story Gets a free pass into our Emotional and Cognitive Centres

Survival once depended on being able to absorb information. 
In the Stone Age, if you had a big family and you wanted to keep it that way, you needed to assimilate essential information: dinosaur locations, how to make a spear, that sort of thing.
We also needed to be able to gauge intent.
Before showing someone how to make that spear, you needed to understand what they would do with it. We are wired to turn observation into conclusions and conclusions into action. It happens constantly.
When we use narrative, the listener, not the storyteller does the work.
When we listen to an origin or process story, we are mining conclusions for ourselves, conclusions we are much more likely to believe than a sales pitch.
Trust comes from like. Like comes from common values.
All of us prefer vendors who have great character as well as a great product. By speaking to their personal development through story, vendors cement their trustworthyness.

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